The Toyota Plant

The Toyota Plant



Interviews, simulations, and occupational tests are the basic evaluation methods used to obtain objective and consistent information from all the applicants. It is evident that the selection system adopted by Toyota is free of systemic inhibitors that influence a company’s human resource system.

Job advertisements attract numerous applications from different prospective employees. Toyota received 40,000 applications for 1200 positions to diversify the competencies portfolio. Jobs are advertised on public platforms to reach as many people as possible. Firms always target to receive numerous applications to generate a vast portfolio of skills and abilities. There is always an opportunity cost attached to receiving numerous job applications (Catano, 2005). The vast competency portfolio might be hectic to cut-down the applicants to the desired number. A review of all the applications would be time-consuming. The human resource would expend most of the company’s resources reviewing the applications instead of engaging in the productive operations of the company. The review process can be automated to reduce the applicants to a realistic number. The automated system would then submit the results to the human resource team for further scrutiny.

Toyota may incorporate technology into the recruitment and selection system to facilitate and improve the process. The application process should be provided on an online platform to ensure that the entire application system is automated. The basic education requirements might be programmed into the system as the first step for reviewing all applications. The process would eliminate the need for undertaking all applicants through the panel selection interview. The paper-and-pencil cognitive ability would be easier to conduct online than requiring all applicants to undergo the process on paper. Work samples and job previews would be delivered online if the selection process is automated. The online platform would save on time as there will be no need for conducting the traditional six-hour manufacturing assembly exercise. Applications should be analyzed by software-enabled processes to ensure that only the best of all applications are selected.

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