How to purchase the ideal property close to a selected school

How to purchase the ideal property close to a selected school

How to purchase the ideal property close to a selected school

Whether native to a city or relocating there, the usual factor determining where to live if you have a family will be determined by a chosen school. The school selection is usually done by listening to family advice and history, talking to friends and colleagues and looking at some good hard facts about the school. This last point is probably the reason for being in possession of the Independent Schools magazine. The hard facts and information in here can either provide ideal confirmation for a decision just about to be made or can even help make it in the first place.

School sorted, the family home is usually the next concern. Unless pupils board at a school, the school run in the mornings and evenings, the call of sports fixtures, school plays, social events etc. mean that living close to school carries a high premium. These properties, however, are in high demand and there can be much frustration from not being able to source one to purchase at just the right time. There’s even more frustration if you see a removal van outside and someone else moves in when you didn’t even know the property was for sale!!!

So, just how do you get round the problem and how do you “bag” that property as it comes available?

The answer could be in the knowledge of using a “Finder”

I have recently likened purchasing property to the act of buying a second hand car. One of the obvious places to start the car search would be the large car showrooms belonging to well known names in the business. (easily likened to Estate Agents). They are a great window to view the different types and models and the stock will be available.
The downside, however, is having to put up with the slick tactics of the salesman who are not really acting on the buyer’s behalf, but in the interests of the seller. If it is best then, to do our own research on prices and values, this becomes not only time consuming, but is often open to interpretation if our knowledge of the market and product is not as in depth as someone working in it permanently. We feel exposed even if we think we are smart and don’t see ourselves as a gullible buyer.

Also, for that hot model, we are immediately in competition with all those others who are viewing the same thing at the same time. So, even when we know what we want and we find it, we can’t guarantee we can successfully acquire it and not lose out to someone else who has the knowledge or the tricks to clinch the deal for themselves.

What might be nice, is to send someone we can trust to work on our behalf and who knows the product and the market really well, with a specification to source our chosen car by dealing specifically with all the people who own that model. If they could persuade someone to sell or catch them before they get to the showroom, wouldn’t that be less frantic?

Whilst I write this hypothetically, this is exactly what the Edinburgh property finder business does for people buying prime property. We take a specification from a retained client and source the properties to order. We use market knowledge and years of experience networking and negotiating to attain the properties for our clients by dealing directly with the property owners themselves and their solicitors rather than agents or middle men. The transactions are done professionally using our recommended surveyor and a chosen solicitor from our panel. We can introduce other professionals to help make a decision on a purchase if required such as architects and builders and even mortgage advisors. As much or as little of the services can be utilised as each client is treated individually depending on their requirements.

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