Principal’s appointment in Berlin High and the McGee Middle schools

Principal’s appointment in Berlin High and the McGee Middle schools

Principal's appointment in Berlin High and the McGee Middle schools

Board of Education had just recently approved four new school administrators unto the upcoming school year that includes the new principals for McGee Middle School and Berlin High School. Soon to become former Torrington Middle School principal who is Matthew Harnett was entirely been named as the new high school principal for the BHS. The unanimous vote occurred by the Board of Education members that been held last Wednesday that Harnett have eagerly prepares towards their official transfer in replacement for George Synnott who already been retiring. Harnett stated on its interview that he was entirely excited to work in Berlin especially during the time that he started this process he was entirely impressed with their overwhelming support through its staff and students community who are entirely striving for their kid’s progress. Prior to this Torrington he also serves as the high school assistant principal in the Seymour and New Britain, got a sixth year certification of administration from the Sacred Heart University, earned an undergraduate educational degree from University of New Hampshire and also gained a graduate degree program from University of Bridgeport. His also taking courses at the University of Connecticut as to become certified school superintendent.

The superintendent of Berlin stated that they have thought Harnett posses a strong leadership skills and his someone who entirely likes to work in a corroborative manner but he also knows that entire aspects that needs to happen unto the school upon moving it forward according to David Erwin who is the current superintendent of Berlin. Harnett was just among those four key administrators that been hired last Wednesday that includes Dr. Valentina Parchin who is the current director of this pupil personnel services, the Christian Strickland who is the current assistant principal of Griswold Elementary School together with Dr. Scott Ratchford who is the current principal of McGee Middle School. Ratchford stated that Berlin have reminded its own hometown especially to the town values that been consider as for tight knit community especially that they both have town fairs and various individuals will stay there due to its tight knit community.

Rathford who is currently the high school assistant principal of Avon have just started their 24 year career into this education program as being the English educator. Aside of that, he also receive its undergraduate educational degree programs from the UConn who just recently graduated its educational program degree from the Marist College for its sixth year certification in the school administration from the area of Southern Connecticut State University and for their doctoral degree program from the UConn. Prior to this Avon, he have also worked as being the assistant principal of Conard High of Western Hartford and as being the school psychologies in the elementary and for middle school levels in the area of West Hartford. Ratchford stated that his entirely hoping to continually gain a successful career in the place of Berlin till to its retirement and for the meantime will look forward as to get to know their community in a better way. Both this pupil services director and the BHS principal positions have entirely came just about due to its retirement. This McGee principal have been followed unto the recent appointment of the Brian Benigni as for their new assistant superintendent curriculum and instruction who replace the retired Rena Klebart. Griswold assistant principal of position have became vacant after Eric Carbone have just accepted its position as being the middle school assistant principal of Wallingford.

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