High School Clubs: A Perfect Way to Boost Student’s Life

High School Clubs: A Perfect Way to Boost Student’s Life

High school clubs are student-based school organization which goal is to gather student around a same past-time. This kind of association, approved by schools’ administration, can be about all types of hobbies. Usual clubs are about cooking, music, journalism, sports, etc, that can be categorized in 4 parts: fundraising, community service, career interest and interpersonal.

Indeed, Student’s organizations of this kind have become nowadays an unavoidable schooling tradition, especially in Asia and in North America.

The first High school organization, Key Club, which goal is to teach leadership through serving others, was created in 1925 in California, USA. It has been since the largest high school organization and it is still a model of excellence.

High School Clubs: A Perfect Way to Boost Student's Life

Associations must be supervised by an adult (usually a teacher or educator) who plays a role of advising figure within the school and helps students to maintain the club’s functionality.

Members pay a minimum fee of 3 to 30 dollars to register. Of course, this fee should be affordable so that the club remains accessible to all. People joining are usually freshmen and sophomores that are looking to find their place in high school dynamics.

The main advantage is that joining a club no requires any particular physical or mental level (except in sports club) and it is the best approach to start taking part in the community life.

Furthermore, these schooling activities “pepper” well your resume and has an inevitable impact on college admissions. This commitment is always rewarding; it highlights community awareness and reflects your long-term goals. However, beware of being member of too much clubs: it may defeat the goals of good clubs and fail your credibility.

Finally, if you are no interested in any club in your school, feel free to start your own club! It requires time and effort but it will surely enrich your life.

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