Diversity for Top High Schools can be Beneficial

Diversity for Top High Schools can be Beneficial

Diversity for Top High Schools can be Beneficial

Diversity is strength for one nation. Education incorporated with diversity means more opportunities for all races, ethnicity, gender, and minority.

However, in the most competitive century, high schools pick those students which score high on examinations. Top schools can only mean highly-qualified teachers and such expertise and professionalism should be catered to all.

Public high school education is free and selective admissions hurdles the opportunity for the academically-challenged students as well as minorities. Private schools exist and have more to offer but because of the hard economic times; low-income parents will not be able to send their children for private schools education.

As written on “The Washington Post” by Jay Mathews, top schools should consider character as well as brains. Several of the selective high schools of America do not have such diversity and enrolls only 14 % of the minorities. According to the report, schools are primary build for sorting not teaching which creates an unfair distribution of student population.

Now, this becomes a national concern. Since those minorities and black Americans which posses the character of born leaders will not have the chance of filling into higher positions in the government. What will happen is more smart workers but do not have the attitude will storm the area.

On the other hand, untraditional programs such as online high schools can be an alternative for those victims of unfair admission. There are also quite many high school districts which offer great teaching staff comparable to Harvard and M.I.T.

However, going into these prestigious high schools and universities worldwide is a great advantage for employment—since employers primarily rely on the records. Such education dilemma connects to other concerns and the only thing that will make one high school student successful despite unfair admission is sole hard work and determination.

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